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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to live in Yucatan? 
We have a national survey every year and we are proud to tell you that Yucatan was found to be the safest state in Mexico for the third time in a row. Nevertheless we recommend that during your visits here, you keep all personal documents in the Hotel’s safe box, just as you would when visiting any large city. 

What medical and dental service are there? 
We have at least three good hospitals with English speaking doctors Ninty percent of doctors and dentists here studied in the US and have good international reputations.

Is home and car insurance available? 
You can get both at a fraction of the cost than in the US or Europe. We have international companies that offer all types of insurance and have many satisfied customers. 

Can you help me find a contractor? 
We work with a great team of well known architects and contractors who can help you from the design to the completion of your new house or restoration project.

How is the food? 
Mexican food is spicy, so you should be prepared for that. Yucatecan food is especially known for its great flavor and fresh ingredients. We have a good selection of fine restaurants where you will be taken care of in a clean and friendly manner. 

Are there fast food restaurants? 
We have Mc Donalds, Burger King, Carl´s Junior, Chekers, Wendy´s and the major Pizza places. 

Which convenient stores are in Merida? 
Wall-Mart, SAMS, COSTCO, Home Depot, Office Depot and more.