A beautifully restored classic located 2 minutes from downtown in the exceptional Garcia Gineres house.
*4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, library, studio, pool, bar, 4 balconies, gardens and dedicated laundry space. Two story.
* PROPERTY SIZE: 301 m2 (3,240 ft2). LOT: 303 m2 (3,261.46 ft2). With 10.15 m (33 ft). Length 30.10 m (98.75 ft).
In the heart of the historic Colonia García Ginerés, this 2023 renovated two-story residence is a prime example of the 40’s Art Deco style that characterizes the neighborhood. The renovation project is a living testimony of a home’s adaptability and transformation throughout time. Renewed and full of life, the house offers a welcoming and functional space where the region’s traditional architecture melds with modern details. This home is a legacy of love, architecture and tradition from the family that inhabited it for more than 40 years. Each corner tells a story, each detail reflects the passion with which the project was done.
The house has an elegant aesthetic with its exquisite cedar carpentry and limestone masonry walls. Upon entering the house, a cool fresh feeling emanates from its interior, which is achieved by virtue of the thick stone walls that maintain a comfortable temperature and limit incoming noise from the urban surroundings. On the frontal facade, as well as the interior, a band runs across the walls revealing the original raw stonemasonry; at the same time, this impressive detail also reveals the house’s valuable historic heritage. Windows have been strategically placed and designed with a variety of opening mechanisms to allow constant airflow, maximizing thermal comfort and energy efficiency across the residence. Large windows harmonize indoor spaces with the surrounding landscape by emphasizing natural lighting and capturing panoramic vistas, creating a sensation of amplitude and connection to nature. The meticulous design of the windows’ ironwork yields unique, transparent structures that fuse with the house’s Art Deco style.
The house is built on two floors and the distribution is as follows:
The lower level presents a lovely front porch and garden, designed to allow for local traditions. Two majestic and centennial ramon trees (ox in Mayan) stand over 20 meters tall on each side of the garden. Underneath their shade, two platforms outlined by local limestone are home to jungle plants that thrive in this favorable environment; between them, a parking spot also benefits from the cool shade. At the center of this space is a traditional entrance, its sandy tones blending with the other materials and inviting moments of outdoors relaxation and tranquility. Entrance to the house can be done either through the spacious living area or the beautiful kitchen (which also has an easy connection to a service corridor and laundry space). The kitchen’s central island facilitates social interaction and makes cooking easier. The stunning and traditional decorated cement tiles are coordinated with the pallette of soft tones throughout the house, which accentuate the beauty of local materials, such as chukum and the various forms of limestone.
On the first floor there’s also a cozy TV room, a guest bathroom, and a wheelchair accessible room with a full bathroom. The back of the house opens up to a garden, a beautiful pool, a bar, and a second room that may be an independent apartment with full services or a great rental area. The second floor offers two full bedrooms with a balcony and full baths. There is also a very large entertainment area that could be used as an additional bedroom area.
An exceptional home in an exceptional location!
Price $9,900,000.00 MXN pesos or its equivalent in US dollars.
Phone: +52 1 999 150 5540
Email: isaac@RealEstateYucatan.com

Essential Information

8,950,000 MXN
526,471 USD
Merida Centro


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Isaac Salim

Agent of Property