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Real Estate Yucatan is a company formed by professionals that have the same goal: Your Complete Satisfaction. Our team will join you through the entire process of purchasing a property and afterwards. Here you will find some of the additional services we offer by professionals in each field.

Being in a foreign country, you don’t want a taxi driver to be your first contact? Once you tell us, more or less, what you are looking for we start working for you. When you are ready we will schedule your appointments, pick you up at your hotel and make sure you see all the properties you select until you find what you like.

Once you find it, we will assist in helping you make an offer. If we believe your offer is too high, we will not hesitate to let you know that. Then, once you are ready with the offer, we will go between you and the seller and not rest until you are both satisfied.

Construction Projects, Restoration, Home Automation Systems
If and when you decide to renovate that Colonial house, hacienda or whatever real estate you purchase, we shall introduce you to the best architects and contractors we know. These are all professionals who have been designing and renovating properties exclusively for the foreign community. Each and every one of them comes highly recommended by very satisfied customers and each of them will be proud to show you their work and introduce you to their clients.

Property Management & Restoration Monitoring
Once you already bought a property and you want to restore it, we offer you the following services: 

Exclusive Service by Real Estate Yucatan. Once you have found your architect, hired your contractor, then what? What’s next? Are you going to stick around three or four months to overlook the renovations? Realizing how difficult this has been for our clients, we offer a service that will make renovating a home in Mexico a pleasant experience: We, will put you in touch with real professionals who have experience taking complete supervision of your renovating project -- from A to Z.

Once you obtain the plans from the architect of your choice and hired a contractor to do the job, all you will have to do is hand a copy of the plans to them and they will do the rest: They will visit the construction site, making sure the work is done according your specifications. Once a week they will take pictures of the building site, and will send you an email with the progress. Then, once a week -- more if necessary – they will update you via email on the progress.

There are many good reasons to consider this service. It is truly a heaven to those who cannot afford staying in the Yucatan to oversee the construction, and it is a service we offer only to our clients. We highly recommend that you consider this service.

They are not amateurs; experienced construction supervisors and property managers will make sure that you get the best job and the best rental promotion; they know the laws and know the right people.